Palais Batthyány
Alexander Oedtl / 1718

The history of the palace begins in 1692: Wolf André Graf Orsini-Rosenberg received the property – upon which three buildings that had housed the Court Treasury stood – as a gift from Leopold I. In 1716 two neighboring buildings on Bankgasse were incorpo­rated in the palace.

Eleonore Batthyány purchased the palace in 1718; she commissioned Christian Alexander Oedtl to unify the buildings in the manner of Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and incorporate entrances on both Herrengasse and Bankgasse.

Back in the 17th century the palace’s ground level already accommodated wine taverns and inns. On May 25, 1913, fol­lowing his exposure as a spy, Colonel Alfred Redl committed suicide in Hotel Klomser – which had been located here since the early 19th century.

Then the palace was again brief­ly in the possession of the Batthyánys. In 1924 it was sold to ‘Niederösterreichische Brandschadenversicherung’ insurance company, which commissioned Anton Potyka to plan the conversion. It changed hands again, this time going to the Lower Austrian state government and the ‘Constantia Privatbank’. Little remains of the palace’s ageold embellishments: only the stucco work in the vesti­bule and the staircase have survived. The offices of ‘Der Standard’ occupied the palace until 2012. The building was renovated and converted for residential use along with the neighboring Palais Trauttmansdorff following the newspaper’s departure.