Tour de Palais

Since the erection of the Viennese city walls in approximately the year 1200, the Hochstraße has been the street of the aristocracy. This was where people close to courtly powers located themselves, in immediate proximity to the emperor’s residence. Beginning at the Schauflergasse, grand houses proliferated in and around the Hochstraße and as the density reached critical mass the city renamed the area north of Michaelerplatz „Herrengasse“.
Since then, many Palais have existed in the vicinity of the Herrengasse. In the last years the formerly private courts have been made available to the public as extensions of the street: for crafts, boutiques and gastronomy. Representative housing in the partly preserved State Apartments complements the versatile room concept that makes it possible to relive a piece of history.
Vieler Herren Häuser – Der Glanz des alten Adels

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Palais & Best of Herrengasse

The listed historic palaces in the heart of Vienna have not been readily accessible to the public for many decades. This guide through the Palais quarter around Herrengasse shows the diversity of their uses today, as premises for crafts, boutiques or restaurants, but also for increasing numbers of apartments – with concepts that are bringing people into the quarter, and with them returning a piece of history back to the city.


„Tour de Palais“
edited by Iris Meder and Judith Eiblmayr

ISBN 978-3-200-04141-7
Available at Kuppitsch, Viennastore, Morawa and Franz Leo